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Dear Reader, I must confess that the writing dragon has been sleeping for a while. The advantage to this is that you can safely subscribe without having to be bothered with emails from me filling up your inbox.

This situation, however, is likely to change. While I have no immediate plans to put out a newsletter, there is news. For now, I am posting it in the What's New section.

By the way, the inactivity on the newsletter front actually reflects a lot of activity on the writing front. Nothing has made it to publication, but a lot is in the works.

Issue 7 This issue announces the publication of Book of Sorrows, the latest volume of A Dragon's Guide to Destiny with a brief synopsis. I review a classic memoir about communicating with animals--and much more. This book helped to inspire my writing of Big Dragons Don't Cry, the first in the dragon series.

Issue 6 From comfort cats to stock-market cats, this issue is all about felines. It also announces the publication of Cats in Charge: A Guide to the Training and Education of Humans.

Issue 5 includes a review of The Elephant Whisperer, by Lawrence Anthony, a book that reads like fiction because elephants are very big and dangerous, and he didn't seem to know that. The issue also highlights Oskar, a blind kitten, and work being done with shelter dogs and veterans with PTSD.

Issue 4 reviews An Eagle Named Freedom. Jeff Guidry, volunteer animal rehabilitator, helped to save the life of Freedom. In an amazing twist, the eagle returned the gift of life. This issue also links to short fiction about turkeys and other links to animal photos and informational pages that will keep you from getting anything else done.

Issue 3: 2102: The Year of the Dragon and some words to live by.

Issue 2: A synopsis of Dance with Clouds and a description of Animals Have Feelings, Too: Bach Flower Remedies for Cats and Dogs, plus several videos and articles about animals.

Issue 1: Reflections on animal wisdom, news and reviews about Big Dragons Don't Cry, and announcement of a free ebook, The Language of Stones and Other Stories.

If you subscribe to the Dragon's Guide newsletter, you'll get regular--but not frequent--updates about the site, information about new books, and anything else related to dragonland. This section of the site will provide information as it arrives.

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