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Many years ago I fell in love with the Everglades, despite issues like 2000% humidity and an international conference of mosquitos. Much later, when a book was kicking around inside me, I saw in that swamp a sad and lonely dragon with a story to tell.

The result was the series, A Dragon's Guide to Destiny and this web site. I hung out with dragons for years, an experience I highly recommend because dragons are magical.

Like snakes, dragons shed their skins and become transformed. When we tune into dragon energy, we can shed the skins of old ideas, habits, and fears that now fit too tightly to allow us to be who we are. Having shed the rags of the past, we gain the freedom to spread our wings and become the magical and powerful beings we're meant to be. From an aerial perspective, we can view and guide our lives with peace and wisdom.

If you like fantasy fiction, let A Dragon's Guide to Destiny lead you into a world of dragons trying to learn greatness, their feline companions who take greatness for granted, and the humans who have a little trouble learning to fly.

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