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A Dragon's Guide to Destiny:
Character Profiles

Profile: A tall, well-built dragon in an enchanting shade of green, Druid, raised in the solitude of a peaceful, if run-down, swamp, is well-known for his big heart and tendency to burst into tears at the drop of a scale.

Home: A mosquito-infested swamp

Drink: Swamp water.

Profession: Keeper of swamp, teacher of the young, seeker of enlightenment and a tasty piece of kelp

Hobbies: Defending small, helpless creatures and sunning on the beach.

Last Book Read: Only the Lonely

Last Movie Seen: Misery.

Latest Accomplishment: They keep on getting updated, as my author writes new books.

Why I Do What I Do: I really had no choice, due to my tragic history. Abandoned as a dragonling, I was forced to contemplate the nature of destiny. Frankly, all that contemplation was a waste of time, because when destiny came, it kicked me in the butt. I kicked back. As a consolation, I met a lot of nice creatures along the way.

Quote: "Now that I've accepted my peaceful, if boring and more than a little disappointing, life, the disruption arrives that makes my heart quicken with the possibility that I'll yet discover myself as a dragon of destiny. And probably fail."


Profile: A small, totally charming cat with future sex appeal who awakens love in the hearts of all who see her. She is best known for being the first feline in eons to have a breakthrough in communication with humans.

Home: Wherever my dainty and shining white paws take me.

Drink: Milk, please. Cream, if you have it.

Profession: Kitten (later upgraded to Cat) of Destiny, skilled communicator with all species.

Hobbies: Looking adorable

Last Book Read: The Natural Superiority of Cats

Last Movie Seen: How to Catch a Mouse Without Ruffling Your Fur

Latest Accomplishment: Bringing humans to Oneness while using her adorable self to break hearts left and right

Why I Do What I Do: Because I have a deep sense of social conscience and because it's fun! I was an adventurous kitten right from the start, and saving the world beats knocking over garbage cans any day.

Quote: "[What matters is] not wanting to someday look around and see what a mess the world is and thinking that I could have changed things. It's wanting to feel bigger than fear."


Profile: A blend of the lightest and the darkest races, Serazina has skin and hair that look edible, if you like chocolate and toffee. She worries too much, due to years of fearing that she'd be locked up in the Ward for the Chronically Crazy. Occasionally she smiles, and she looks like a different girl.

Home: What's that?

Drink: Waterlogged as I am with emotions, I don't need anything to drink.

Profession: Empath, animal communicator.

Hobbies: What are hobbies?

Last Book Read: No books published in Oasis are worth reading.

Last Movie Seen: See above.

Latest Accomplishment: I don't want to boast.

Why I Do What I Do: What else can you do when you're someone who feels everything so deeply it's like being inside someone's skin? I'm trying to learn how to get into balance, but things throw me off, really throw me off.

Quote: "My feelings are the best thing about me. They make me alive."


Profile: A tall and distinguished-looking man who pays no attention to his appearance. Phileas is not a well-liked Guardian, but Guardians aren't supposed to be liked. They are supposed to be respected, and he earns a lot of R-E-S-P-E-C-T. He spends his time running the country of Oasis and squashing his emotions.

Home: A bleak and cheerless apartment in the Administrative complex

Drink: Cactus brandy, but only under extreme duress

Profession: Guardian of Oasis

Hobbies: Hobbies are beneath my notice.

Last Book Read: The Power of Mind

Last Movie Seen: Movies are a frivolous form of entertainment that pander to base emotions.

Latest Accomplishment: Laughing (once).

Why I Do What I Do: I come from a long line of Guardians. I was bred to rule. What else could I do?

Quote: "Emotional slavery can be as much a form of bondage as physical servitude. To rest in the feathery comfort of certainty represents mental sloth of the worst kind."

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