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Bach Flower Remedies
For Cats and Dogs
E-book $1.99

Now available in paperback at Amazon for $7.00.

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Bach Flower Remedies Course.
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Since 1990, I've been counseling people and their pets as a Bach Flower Remedies practitioner. I'm especially committed to helping animals with the Remedies. Too many cats and dogs are returned to shelters and/or killed because of behavioral issues. I hope to make information available that can help animals' human companions apply their knowledge to treat the animals' issues.

For many years I provided information about animals and Bach Flower Remedies through counseling and information on a now-closed web site. I have now moved this information to my writing site. You will find a special section on Bach Flower Remedies Here. This area provides general information for using Bach Flower Remedies for yourself and friends and family.

With this book, I intend to reach more people who would like to help their animal companions and themselves. It provides descriptions of many conditions for which Bach Flower Remedies can be helpful and reviews methods of giving the Remedies.

I've focused on cats and dogs in this book, but I have worked with many other species, including horses, cattle, ferrets, and hedgehogs. The principles are broadly applicable.

The book, which is 21,000 words in length, includes the following topics:

How the Bach Flower Remedies Can Help Animals and Humans

Understanding Our Animal Companions

Animals Have Feelings

Animals Are Not Humans

Some Common Conditions

Unique Aspects of Understanding Animal Companions

My Cat/My Dog/Myself

Abuse and Abandonment

Remedies for Common Conditions

How to Administer the Remedies

An Alphabetical List of the Remedies

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Ordering Information

The e-book costs $1.99 and is available at

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